Extra Extra! This just in: We will support Swedish Rock legends EUROPE in Hamburg this Sunday!

Leimsen says: "Another cool show to cap off our tenth year as a band! Of course we've grown up (except Fl*p, haha) with the big Europe tunes from back in the day, and I particularly like the newer Classic Rock stuff. Great guitar work! Since we haven't been in Hamburg for a while, come by, all you Blackies & Blackettes. And don't forget to your wear your TNB colours!

3.12. D-Hamburg, Docks


PS: We gotta run now and book a Seven Door Hotel real quick to crash after we finished to Rock The Night in Hamburg. Otherwise we would have to Start From The Dark, feeling like a Bag Of Bones. (Hey, c'mon, that one had to be.)

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Hey people! Here's our new clip for „Dead In The Water“. The video was shot on and behind several stages, including our anniversary show at this year’s Summer Breeze Open Air with a lot of visitors during the festivities.

The New Black - Dead In The Water
Directed & edited by Fludid


„Woohoo! Has it really been two years since we recorded ‘A Monster’s Life’ with Jacob Hansen? And ten years since the band’s formation? A lot has happened since, that’s for sure. Maybe we’re not so ’Dead In The Water’ after all, huh? The new clip features full-on rockin’ action from a dozen of shows, especially from Summer Breeze this year with Bembers, Vito C. of J.B.O. and Staatspunkrott’s Oli. Have fun with it! This december we’ll play two shows with Extreme in Germany, after that it’s back to the dungeon, working on songs for the fifth album. See ya! Fludid, Fabs, Leimsen, Günt, Flip.“


„Dead in The Water“ comes off our latest album „A Monster’s Life“, produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat), released worldwide via AFM Records. The clip features scenes from Summer Breeze, Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle, Hamburg, Cologne, Wetzlar, Schweinfurt, Celle, Munich, Andernach and Cologne. Showing up in one form or another: The incredible Bembers, Oli Sonntag (Staatspunkrott), Chris Birx (Motorjesus), Vito C. (J.B.O.), Shredmeister Christian Münzner, our ex drummer Chris Weiß, Matze of SG Backline Services, merch lady Anja, Nathalie Charm, the crazies from Blessed Hellride, Cindy Wenk from the „Count Me In“ clip, the bikini girls from the „Soon“ clip and the cockroaces from the „Any Colour You Like“ video. Enjoy!


Special discount at the AFM shop: „A Monster’s Life“ and all other albums by The New Black for cheap at




Just as we thought we’d spent the rest of the year locked away in some noisy dungeon to write the fifth album, we can go out to play some more - and with a very cool band, no less: Extreme!

4.12. D-Frankfurt, Batschkapp
7.12. D-Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn

Tickets here.






"Stuck" unplugged from Summer Breeze





Summerbreezin' - the recap & the pictures

A recap…

Two shows on the same day at Summer Breeze - what a great day this was! A fitting end to the „A Monster’s Life“ cycle that began with the release of our fourth album one and a half years ago. Since 2017 marks the 10th anniversary for The New Black and the 20th for the festival, we had some aces up our sleeves… Here’s what went down.

All pics are here

It’s electric
On Sat Aug 19, we started up the festivities on the T-stage. Sun was shining and you guys even came out for the soundcheck. Cool! So the mood was up in the TNB camp, everyone ready and eager to kick some ass. And we believe we did, opening up with the trusted one-two-punch of „The Beer Of No Return“ and „That’s Your Poison“, followed by the always smashin’ „The King I Was“. Sounded like you and us alike were ready to throw down big time.

Time to bring out some friends: First up was our buddy Oliver Dusolt, who’s been on tour with us a couple of times, teching and merching on the road with J.B.O. and Black Label Society. Some might have vague rememberances of late nights and stripclubs in Jena for example, but that’s all fake news. Oli is now a good looking punk rock star with Staatspunkrott. He joined us for a rousing version of „Dead In The Water“ (the song about how we will never go anywhere with this). Thanks man, that was fun.

After „Blockbuster Life“, Fludid announced the appearance of a deity on stage - and Buddha himself appeared for „Buddha Belly“. We’re not kidding! A golden man with a huge belly started dancing! We felt so enlightened. Too bad no one looked at us anymore… Of course, this Buddha was our long-time friend, the incomparable Bembers himself who we shared stages with on the Rock’n’Roll Overdose tour in 2013. Bembers is not only a great comedian, he’s a terrific guy and fellow Franconian rocker. Thanks for joining us, sir. You looked especially… golden on the stage sofa! (Yes, we had a stage sofa.)

Time for „Downgrade“ and some twin-guitar action in the sun, before another friend came on: Vito C. of long-running comedy metal insitution J.B.O. brought his trusty flying V and pink pants (don’t ask) for two songs - and received loud „J.B.O.“ chants. Cool! We did our ballad „Send In The Clowns“ which got a surprising great response, and the first ever song we played together as TNB - „Everlasting“. After that Fabs seriously considered using a third guitar at all times. We have toured with J.B.O. in 2010 and seen them around a million times. Great players, great guys. Thanks Vito C. for granting us the honour! „Long Time Coming“ then ended a great set. We appreciate everyone coming out and making some noise. But that wasn’t all…

Five man acoustical jam…
Just a little bit later we set up in the Campsite Circus tent, an oasis of quiet and calm, if you will. Small drum kit, four stools, a couple of acoustic guitars… the atmosphere was very relaxed, with smiles all around. Maybe some of us had a little buzz going, too, but we won’t tell. When we started with „Stuck“, a bonus track from our third album, the tent filled up nicely. We did about half an hour worth of acoustic rockers („Everlasting“, „Long Time Coming“) and ballads („Into Modesty“, „Clowns“). Especially worth mentioning is Fabs’ extended solo in „Wound“ which rightfully received a lot of cheers and applause. Well done, shredder.

You guys sang along and clapped along like crazy, there were a lot of smiles in the house. And we believe we heard some loud sighs from the two crazies (you know who you are). We’re glad we’re had some presents for you in return. Hope you caught one of the limited Blackfest shirts.

After the last song, you wouldn’t even let us go, so we almost went into one of Leimsen’s favorites (something about a „cowboy on a steel horse“). We pulled out „Dead In The Water“ instead - without ever, ever playing it in on acoustics before. It rocked. Maybe we should do more unplugged stuff, hm?

That show felt special, a nice and heartwarming coda to the noise earlier and a fitting end to the cycle and a great day with friends and some good tunes. Happy 10th anniversary to us!

Have a look for yourself at these great pics from Tatjana Sretenović (TattiS) and Claudia Rose (Blackrose Photos). Thanks for the photos! Stay tuned for some videos as well.

This was the third time we played Summer Breeze after 2009 and 2014. Thank you to Achim Ostertag, Chris Jagger Jäger and the whole gang for taking us on. Happy 20th anniversary for you! Thanks also to the Artist Production (JM, FD, Sandra) for the setup and of course to the ever-reliable boys-with-the-toys Matze & Gössi of SG Records, backline service extraordinaire.

Now it’s time to get creative again, hole up in Fabs’ dungeon and write a follow-up to „Monster“. It’s all about the tunes. Thanks for listening and see you around!

Fludid, Fabs, Leimsen, Günt, Flip