Just a few days before the big 10th anniversary bash BLACKFEST, here's a brand new video for you, featuring a lot of our friends, some of which you might know...

Thanks to all the guys & girls rocking through our song and coming up with all the crazy stuff: Hannes & Vito (JBO), Bembers, Nini Tsiklauri, Oli Dusolt (Staatspunkrott), our cool lighting guy Julian Wenzel, the lady from the Long Time video - Qilin, fellow rock brigade Blessed Hellride, the girls from Jane Doe, Grobi from Sesame Street, Xandi, Elisa, Becks, Thørsten, Bernie with the bass, Peta in the US and Cora. We love you all, thank you very much.

See you at the Blackfest in Schweinfurt on Jan 7th!


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