New show: 29.11. Aalen

Hello out there!

No, we're not just sitting around on your butts these days. We do what seems to be part of the job in addition to shredding like hell and looking as hot as we do: We're sending about three millions e-mails a day (and we don't tell you who sends the most, hit: L___sen) and doing hip conference calls with our equally hip booking agents at Dragon Productions. Long story short: We're booking gigs, similar to the last ones we did, which were very fun, because they were OUR gigs mostly.

Here's one new addition to the schedule:
29.11. D-Aalen, Frape

If you're coming, let us know on Facebook here. Makes us feel good. And stay tuned for more. And we do hope to get out of Germany more than in the past. Bring it!

Love, hugs and old guy rock,


TNB at Amazon - and cheaper

Hey Blackies and Blackettes,

it is actually pretty funny to receive an e-mail from Amazon promoting your own band. Maybe it only shows how many times we clicked on our own articles there and they took notes, haha. Of course we are glad that they are selling our CDs. So click away and buys loads of them, so we can finally afford an unhealthy lifestyle.

But wait... all three albums are cheaper in our own store! Ha! We have 
   III: Cut Loose for 13€
   II: Better In Black for 12€
   and our debut for 10€

And we have fancy shirts as well, plus we're shipping worldwide. That's pretty cool, too, isn't it? 
To the TNB store here.

TNB love to you all,


New show: 1.2.2014 - Siegburg/Germany

Hi friends,

we love to play, so it's only fitting that some more shows are popping up. The latest addition to the schedule is a gig with Nitrogods, featuring Leimsen's buddies and former Sinner colleagues Henny & Klaus:

1.2.2014 D-Siegburg, Kubana 



Günt in Bass Guitar Magazine

Our very own "mayor rager on the four-string mutherfocker", the mighty Günt, is featured in UK's Bass Guitar Magazine. That's a lot of philosophy for a bass player, actually... Enjoy!

The site is back!

Hey Blackies & Blackettes,

the site is back!

Evil hackers had hijacked our old website not one, not two, but three times. Why us? Because we look so good? Rival bands? The illuminati (as Fabs would point out)? Or maybe, er, because we didn't keep the server up to date because we were busy, cough, cough, too busy rockin' elsewhere... Well, the world will never know. Hopefully.

BUT now this thing should be tighter. And it looks great, doesn't it?