Pics from last weekend...

Hi there,

we had a blast last weekend. As always, actually. Especially Wetzlar was packed and loud! Michaela Schnell from Metal & Rock Impressions shot some cool pics the next night in Siegburg. Thanks for that! Take a look...



New clip for 'Any Colour'

Hey Blackies & Blackettes,

we have filmed a third video for a song from „III: Cut Loose“. The clip to ‘Any Colour You Like (As Long As It‘s Black)’ can be found here: 



The glass half empty, and filled with piss...’ Ah, well. It all looks pretty normal at first. But there is something dark lurking at the edges. Unnoticed, decay sets in, and the blackness might be closer than you think. But then again life goes on. As does the music. And the fart jokes. ‘Any Colour’ is not exactly a song about peace, love and good happiness stuff. But fun to play live. Like fart jokes, pretty much.

The clip was once more directed by Fludid himself. No spiders, cockroaches, worms or musicians were harmed during the filming. All pyro scenes, car chases and naked dancers had to be omitted due at the last minute. 

Enjoy, comment and - this actually important - please spread around.
See ya,

Neue Show: 22.2. Iserlohn

Blackies & Blackettes,

zwischen den Dates mit Dark Age im Februar spielen wir noch eine schicke Headliner-Show in einem "wilden Wohnzimmer":

Sa, 22.2. D-Iserlohn, Stay Wild

Mit dabei sind Cold Revenge. Also hopp, Sympathisanten aus Ruhrgebiet und Sauerland (woll), wir kommen mit der langen Show, trinken euer Pils und sind nett zu eurer Schwester. Wer macht mit?

Attacke Royal!


Blackies & Blackettes!

Das Blackmobil muss auch 2014 rollen! Deshalb können wir euch hier schon mal eine Festivalshow bekannt geben:
THE NEW BLACK spielen dieses Jahr beim coolen Nord Open Air in Essen. Freier Eintritt und Vollgas!

Nord Open Air

Wir sehen uns. Happy new year!

Sharkpool- The Christmas Children Lullaby Version

Ho Ho Ho, Blackies and Blackettes!

It's that time of year... and isn't it great? The lights, the tree, the children singing christmas carols? We wanted to support that fine tradition and rearrange our most festive hits for the kids. This is what we got so far. What do you think?

Happy Holidays, our friends!
The boys

Sharkpool Xmas