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Zwei neue Shows im Januar

Blackies and Blackettes,

wir sind zwar ordentlich beschäftigt mit der vierten Platte, aber immer nur im Keller hocken wollen wir auch nicht. Is' klar, außerdem müssen wir vielleicht neues Material testen... Deshalb gibt's im Dezember noch vier Shows u.a. mit Sinner - und zwei neue Termine im Januar:

Fr 16.1. Wetzlar, Francis
Sa 17.1. Wiesloch, Rock und Pop-Verein

Die gesammmelten Tourdaten findet ihr hier.




Special Show mit The Bulletmonks / 12.9. Nürnberg

Unsere Kumpels von The Bulletmonks schmeißen eine Party zur Geburt ihres neuen Albums "No More Warnings". Damit wir was zu trinken kriegen, müssen wohl auch auftreten. Ha! Zur Feier des Tages haben uns wir gedacht, da mal ein paar Schätzchen auszupacken, die wir schon lange nicht mehr gepro… gespielt haben. Es gilt wie immer die Maxime: "Wir sehen uns am Ende des Songs!"

Record Release Party:

12.9. Nürnberg, Zentralcafe im Künstlerhaus


BM Nürnberg



Random remarks after today's show...

Here are some random remarks by Leimsen about today's show with at Nord Open Air:

1. Now that was fun.
2. Now that was hot.
3. My mom and dad were there. Dad bought a shirt - the "Happy Zombies" one, because he thought that was the "most harmless".
4. My daughter was there, and I told her later that I wrote "Everlasting" for her. Awesome.
5. My girlfriend was there and helped with the merch. She sold way more than when we drag our sweaty selves to the booth. I wonder why that happened.
6. One of the best guitar teachers I know, if not the best, (Peter Fischer) was there. And he later told me that my hair had been "ok". Phew. Thank god.
7. We played for 30mins, so the set was lacking in blues jams, ballads, talking and anything that didn't sound like a blitzkrieg. Which is exactly why it sounded like a blitzkrieg. Very fulfilling.
8. We're home at HQ in Würzburg and just had a nightcap.
9. The resident cats at HQ like the smell of our stage clothes hung out to dry. Which is something we.just.cannot.believe.
10. The backstage area at Nord had a jacuzzi. Fludid stuck his head in it. We now wonder what kind of liquids are stuck in his head.
11. The backstage area also had an open liquor bar. We are soooo lucky we had to roll home. There would've been casualties. Seriously. The days of "Orange-Karamell" still strike fear in our hearts. Especially Günt Auschrat's.
12. I have a severe case of "bangover".

Let's do it all again in Munich tomorrow then, shall we?
Coming up next: Free & Easy Festival

Good night.


(Pic by Lisa & Lilly)

May the Force be… in our shop!

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