Break from the studio weekend

Neue Shows... wir müssen mal wieder unter die Leute!

"Break from the studio weekend"
22.05. D-Andorf/Dietenhofen, Biberttal Festival - Tickets
23.05. D-Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt (+ Sinner & The Bulletmonks) - Tickets



Hey, did anyone notice that January is the month of anniversaries for us?

In January 2008, we played our very first show at B-Hof Würzburg. The gig had been booked before we had finished writing the tunes. Yes, we were that cocky. Our buddies Motorjesus were also on the bill.

In January 2009, our debut album "The New Black" (the grey one) was released. A bunch of the songs are still staples of the live set. We don't see "Everlasting" falling of the setlist anytime soon.

In January 2011, our sophomore album "II: Better In Black" (the brown one) came out. It was a hectic time, and we were experimenting, finding our sound and expanding our boundaries. And you can hear that. We consider "The King I Was" one of our finer tunes, and others like "Downgrade" are in the set regularily, but stuff like "Happy Zombies" (our pop tune!) and "Sun Cries Moon" (doom!) is kind of out there. Weirdly enough, there are some songs, we have never played live. The riff to "My Favorite Disease" was jammed during our very, very first season ever, by the way.

Time flies, hm? And we had a blast. So happy anniversary to us! Thanks for listening...

Sharkpool - different version

Our little tune "Sharkpool" turned out to be a favorite of ours. But some of our, er, fans gave it their own spin. Maybe this version is cooler… have a listen!

Zipper hoodie "BIRDIE" - only this week!


A collector's item: Our new Zipper Hoodie "Birdie" will only be available in small numbers, because we will only be able to produce a few, mainly for the band themselves. So you could look just like us, while most people won't. Yeah, yeah!

Check it out the shop here.


Offer only good this week up to and including Friday, Nov 7th. Shipping will be within the first week of december, and we ship worldwide!

Lyrics to "Sharkpool", kind of



Wow, try to sing along to "Sharkpool" with this lyric sheet we just found. Amazing. OK, the "get out of the water" line is right, as for the rest… oh my … at least our name is spelled right.

"I'll be your G floated,

if you're trying to buy
Leave your circle in your dirty little sharkpool"

Say what???? :) Still, thanks. Good to know someone cares - or has an interesting piece of language recognition software.

Who knows the correct lines? Let us know. First prize is a hug at the next show.

We are so G-floated today!